Crane Inspections

Do your cranes and hoists adhere to Australian standards?

If they’re getting old, it’s critical that you get them assessed to ensure you continue to meet compliance regulations.

ECS crane inspections are carried out to the highest possible standards and our most recent Major Inspections have passed the CICA “Gold Compliance Plate” audit.

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At ECS, our experienced Tradesmen ensure that all work carried out during the inspection is in compliance with the Crane Manufacturers’ specifications & the Australian Standards. Our crane inspections are certified by a Third Party CraneSafe endorsed Engineer for your peace of mind.

Annual crane inspections and Truck mounted crane stability tests, as well as any repairs required, can be carried out on site by our Tradesmen with fully equipped service vehicles.

All Major inspections are carried out at our workshop in Townsville and will include the following:

You will be supplied with a detailed comprehensive report of the inspection as well as all reports/maintenance records being stored on the ECS database, for added peace of mind should you require the records at any time.

It is mandatory for all cranes to have Annual Inspections, 10 year Major

Inspections and 25 year Major inspections.

10 & 25 Year Major Inspections

Australian Standards (AS2550 & AS1418) state that all cranes must be subject to a major inspection to assess their suitability for continued safe use. Intervals at which these major inspections must be carried out are 10 years for mechanical components and 25 years for structural components. These standards are applicable in all states of Australia and to all types and sizes of Cranes.

ECS are proud to be the Townsville & North Queensland agent for the following brands:

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